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Managing Service Differentiation

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Managing Service Differentiation

In these days of intense price competition, service marketers often complain about the difficulty of different their services from those of competitors. To the extent

that customers view the services of different providers as similar. they care less about the provider than the price.

The solution to price competition is to develop a differentiated offer, delivery and image. The offer can include innovative features that set one company’s offer

apart from competitors’offers. some hotels offer car – speed internet connections in their rooms. Airlines differentiate their offers through frequent – flyer award

programs and special services. For example, British Airways offers spa services at its Arrivals Lounge at heathrow airport and softer in flight beds. plumper pillows,

and cozier blankets. Says one ad:” Our simple goal is to deliver the best service you could ask for without you having to ask.”

Service companies can differentiate their service delivery by having more able and reliable customer-contact people, by developing a superior physical environment in

which the service product is delivered, or by designing a superior delivery process. For example, many grocery chains now offer online shopping and home delivery as a

better way to shop and home delivery as a better way to shop than having to drive, park, wait in line, and tote groceries home.

Finally, service companies also can work on differentiate their images through symbols and branding. The harris bank adopted the lion as its symbol on its stationery,

in tis advertising, and even as stuffed animals offered to new depositors. The well known Harris lion confers an image of strength on the bank. Other well – known

service symbols include Merrill Lynch’s bull MGM’s lion, McDonald’s golden arches, Allstate’s “good hands” and the Travelers red umbrella. Booklet printing, catalog printing, brochure printing.poster printing


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