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Printers called on to develop environmental standards

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Printers are being called on to take part in developing environmental business card printing standards for the print sector.
A new working group, WG11, has been formed by the International Standards Organisation to develop ISO draft 16759 that will measure the carbon footprint of print.

It is hoped that the new standard will be complete business card printing by Drupa 2012. Industry consultant Laurel Brunner is the convenor of WG11 and is encouraging those in the print industry with an interest in the environmental impact of print to join WG11 through their national trade bodies.

She said: “There is no single carbon footprinting standard for the print industry, and as a result, there is no consistent way to measure the carbon footprint of print media.

“We are writing a standard that establishes a framework for measuring the carbon footprint of print.”She added that as standards work is time consuming and unpaid, it is “no surprise that printers are reluctant to do their bit”.

However, Brunner said that the work has a long-lasting impact on the industry’s international competitiveness.”It’s important because it provides a mechanism for constant improvement in print production means and methods.”

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May 18, 2011 at 1:14 pm

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