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High resolution photograph for Large Poster Printing

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The big trouble with large poster printing is that everything is just so visible. This means that the little problems in typical wholesale poster printing become big problems when it comes to large poster printing. Especially when it comes to images, small pixel troubles become huge headaches to fix. This makes the images a really hard thing to manage when printing large posters.

So before you go for large posters, you might want to prepare your images properly. If you do not know how to do this, then you have come to the right place. I have here some expert tips on the proper preparations for images in large format custom poster printing.

Use images in extreme high resolution.

First up, the most important reminder that you should remember about the images for large posters is that you should use only the extreme high resolution ones. Large poster printing requires really detailed and high quality images. Smaller, lower resolution images for the Internet will not cut it for poster printing since they will just show dots and pixels when blown up. So make it a point to only get images at 300dpi resolution or higher if you want to really prepare your images properly for large poster printing.

Enhance or correct images before designing and printing begins.

Now, since it is easily possible to see mistakes in a large poster, it is best that you prepare your images before the actual design begins, to make those images almost perfect. So before the design and printing starts make sure that you remove any unnecessary parts of the image apply some auto correct colors as well as brightness and contrast filters. If there are gross errors built into the image, try to see if you can erase it or improve it using the software at hand. Make sure that you root out all your image problems at this point so that there will be no other troubles once printing begins.

Crop carefully and accurately.

When it comes to cropping your images, make sure that you do it accurately. If you are using a more fixed polygon image format such as a rectangle, then it should be easy enough to only crop the part of the image that you want in rectangular fashion. However, if you want to crop the image at an irregular shape, you might want to go about it pixel by pixel and line by line so that the cut is clean and there are no stray pixels to worry about.

Use filters and effects to integrate the images more.

When it comes to the design stage already, a good tip to remember is to always try to use filters and effects in the image itself so that you can integrate them seamlessly in the poster’s environment. So for example, if the background of the poster has a certain texture such as satin or canvass, you can match that texture easily so that the image looks like it belongs to the design already. it might take some tries, but you should be able to blend that image well and make it look like it belongs on your custom posters.

Print out some tests.

Finally, if you really want to know if your image is prepared for professional large poster printing, you can try to print out some test prints from your home printer. By seeing the design actually in print, you can spot any bad formatting or editing errors in the image that is not easily seen from the PC. So whenever possible do some mid level print tests to make sure everything is alright.

So that is how you prepare your images for large poster printing. With these tips, those images should look really well and apt for poster printing.Booklet printing


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May 13, 2011 at 8:45 am

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