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Booklet printing market

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Booklet printing market is growing against the odds

Where does all this technology development and competition leave the good old book printer?

In reality the demand for book printing is very strong, with both paperback book printers and casebound and hardback book printers experiencing strong order books.

This seems odd considering the wave of new technology but is actually easily explained.

New media is bringing the written word to a vast new market who have a thirst for knowledge.

In essence, there is a huge percentage of people, particularly youngsters, who have actually previously read few, if any books.

Their eyes have been opened to missed opportunity and now they are aggressively seeking information in both new media and old media forms.

One only has to look in the airport or train station book shop to realize that the vast majority of buyers and browsers are under 35 years of age.

Printed books are now better products than before

Book printing technology now offers a wide variety of book finishes to entice the potential sale. The finished book product is no longer just a book on the bookshelf. Today they compete fiercely for attention with added extras on the printed cover, such as embossing, six colour printing techniques, laminating, metallic inks, gold and silver foil to name a few.
Many of these casebound books are now printed in full colour process throughout whereas in the past it used to be a full colour cover and just a few coloured pages inside. Modern printing technology has brought per unit costs down so coffee table books with superb photographs throughout are in abundance.

Hardback books can be even more exciting, with coloured endpapers, beautiful threadsewn pages, round or square back effects available to enhance the finished book and give it added value.

Positive changes for book printers

There is also one other huge factor that has seriously had a most positive affect on book printing.
This is the rise in standard of living over the last twenty years.

The printed book is a great product for ticking that gift box. It can be topical or allied to a sport, personality or programme on TV that someone likes. There is always a book to satisfy the market, to meet the demand, with book printers more than willing to oblige this very thirsty marketplace.

Finally, there is one change in our world, one addition that has created a huge demand and easy vehicle for the supply to the marketplace of the book product. That is Amazon, the colossus of an internet website that almost everyone has used at sometime.

That is the place we go for self help, for birthday and xmas products. Amazon rules and fuels the demand.


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May 6, 2011 at 7:22 am

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