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The secret to Excellent catalog processing is the use of experienced professional catalog processing service providers. Catalog services include product image processing, which involves such features as image capturing, photo restoration, background editing, and more; product content management, including up-to-date product specifications and descriptions, allows for easy price comparison; and product library management.

Product image is the most important aspect of online product presentation. If a consumer opens an image that looks like even the merchant does not value the product enough to capture it nicely, the consumer is a lot less likely to make the purchase. However, if that same consumer feels like they have fully experienced the product to the fullest extent a picture will allow, the consumer will begin to gain more interest.

A product image should capture the essence of the product and be able to effectively convey that to the viewer. Just as sitting in a vehicle helps solidify the future buyer’s sense of potential ownership, thereby playing on their desire to have, an online product image should attempt to satisfy that same sense of potential ownership. This takes experience to achieve.

Another feature with catalog services is product content management. Once a merchant gains the consumer’s heightened interest, that consumer is going to go to that product’s description. If that product content does not meet that consumer’s expectations, by either rigid, non-sincere wording or a lack of accurate data, that sale will be lost. Proper online catalog processing requires this particular web content to meet professional standards.

Also of utmost importance to a successful online catalog is professional product library management. If a consumer cannot find a product, they are not going to buy it. While that concept seems simple, it is very important not to overlook for a variety of reasons.

First, cataloging items is tedious, and not a task many online store owners have the desire, or patience, to complete to the proper extent. That is completely understandable; merchants are in the business to sell, not to sit at a computer organizing data. However, since this aspect of proper catalog processing is so critical, merchants cannot afford to overlook it. Therefore, hiring professional catalog processing services is most merchants’ best option.

Secondly, product library management involves creating product categories. Consumers must be able to easily navigate throughout the catalog to what they want, and possibly be directed to other related items they may also want. There is significant research that goes into determining which items are best apt to be suggested alongside with other merchandise. Merchants should seek a company experienced in category creation in order to provide the best, fully functional category map to assist customers with navigating.

Therefore, the true secret to great catalog processing is learning to take advantage of the resources available to you. Look for services providers who employ the use of catalog building experts, professional content developers, and highly skilled graphic designers. Outsourcing your product catalog to these experts can save you up to 60% in costs, ensures a tried and true professional approach, and offers an amalgam of experience and talent to use on your catalog.

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April 27, 2011 at 10:33 am

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