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Managing Service Differentiation

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Managing Service Differentiation

In these days of intense price competition, service marketers often complain about the difficulty of different their services from those of competitors. To the extent

that customers view the services of different providers as similar. they care less about the provider than the price.

The solution to price competition is to develop a differentiated offer, delivery and image. The offer can include innovative features that set one company’s offer

apart from competitors’offers. some hotels offer car – speed internet connections in their rooms. Airlines differentiate their offers through frequent – flyer award

programs and special services. For example, British Airways offers spa services at its Arrivals Lounge at heathrow airport and softer in flight beds. plumper pillows,

and cozier blankets. Says one ad:” Our simple goal is to deliver the best service you could ask for without you having to ask.”

Service companies can differentiate their service delivery by having more able and reliable customer-contact people, by developing a superior physical environment in

which the service product is delivered, or by designing a superior delivery process. For example, many grocery chains now offer online shopping and home delivery as a

better way to shop and home delivery as a better way to shop than having to drive, park, wait in line, and tote groceries home.

Finally, service companies also can work on differentiate their images through symbols and branding. The harris bank adopted the lion as its symbol on its stationery,

in tis advertising, and even as stuffed animals offered to new depositors. The well known Harris lion confers an image of strength on the bank. Other well – known

service symbols include Merrill Lynch’s bull MGM’s lion, McDonald’s golden arches, Allstate’s “good hands” and the Travelers red umbrella. Booklet printing, catalog printing, brochure printing.poster printing


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Designing A Good Catalog

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Catalog printing is vitally important for a business that is involved in selling a diverse range of products. Such a business enterprise should put serious consideration to catalog printing or booklet printing. The catalogs are established and successful strategy that provides a company with an adequate means to display an assortment of products to a large customer base.

Catalogs printing are often sent to a person’s home direct access with the name of the best products that the company has to offer. Moreover, it is essential to maintain a mailing list that will assist in sending catalogs to people who have a history of interest in the products that the company sells.

Designing A Good Catalog
But again it is to be kept in mind that catalogs and booklets need to be meticulously designed to gain the attention of the buyer. Poorly designed print catalogs may often result in repelling customers as a well designed one assists in attracting the same. Therefore, certain crucial points are to be kept in mind while designing your catalog or booklet to make it attractive and effective.

Your Headline
Each product should exhibit a catchy headline. The headline should not only describe the product but also highlight its special features. This aspect also calls for intensive creativity that is the only way to grab the attention if the customers.

Description Of Products
Adequate amount of description should be provided about a product. People are inquisitive to know the details about a product before they can make up their minds of purchasing a product. Therefore, detailed description in paragraphs clearly stating the attributes of the product should be given.

Placing More Emphasis On Best Products
Select your best products from the range and highlight it more. It is not necessary to devote the same amount of space and significance to all your products. Try and bring to fore the best-sellers on your list or the new releases in the range. Ensure that this takes up half a page, or even a full page, in order to really grab the attention of the reader.

Detailed Contact Information
Provide your contact information accurately and in a detailed manner. Any kind of contact details ranging from phone number, email address, or website should be clearly understood by the consumer. Missing out on putting the correct contact information to suit the customers’ convenience may have adverse results even after you have the person’s attention.

In the cut-throat world of dynamic marketing trends, catalogs and booklets are doing a wonderful job at selling many different products and is thus an option that business enterprise should not fail to utilize for their advantage.

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The Value of Brochure Printing

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Brochure printing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to your business. They provide invaluable information to your customers. They can attract new customers to your business and they can do wonders for your bottom line.

What can brochure printing do for your business?

Increase sales
Improve cash flow
Bring in new customers
Reduce advertising costs
Printing Brochurescan do all of this because they are cost effective and they work. If you want toimprove your business performance, consider designing a printed brochure soon.

We create great-looking brochures affordably and quickly with high quality graphic designs and printings.

8.5×11 Brochures 8.5×14 Brochures 11×17 Brochures 11×25.5 Brochures Posters

A glossy full-color brochure, sell sheet or flyer is a sure-fire way to showcase your business or product. Brochures can be used to build an image for your company, promote an event, update product spec’s, or for a hundred other purposes. In the Internet Age, a 4-color glossy brochure helps distinguish “real” companies from “wannabe’s.” See “How to Write a Super Brochure” and Brochure Printing Design Concepts for some tips.

Brochures come in four standard sizes, 8-1/2×11, 8-1/2×14, 11×17 and 11×25-1/2. An unfolded 8-1/2×11 is often used for product sheets, or tri-folded for a company brochure. Many companies use an 11×17 brochure, folded in half, as an economical product catalog. If you want half- or third-cut sheets, please see the Statement Stuffers page.

All brochures and flyers have 4-color printing on the front. The second side can be ordered blank, or printed with black ink or 4-color process. Plus, we offer an aqueous coating option. Aqueous coating is even glossier than varnish, and it adds scuff-resistance. It is great for giving that “rich” feel to your piece, and for protecting it in the mail. Booklet printing brochure printing

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Different Kinds of Catalog Layout

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Catalog graphic design refers to the layout, text, and images used to craft a catalog worthy of selling innovative products. As catalogs continue to advance in their

Catalog graphic design refers to the layout, text, and images used to craft a catalog worthy of selling innovative products. As catalogs continue to advance in their design and strive in the crowed mail-order market, companies need a catalog graphic design that is beautiful and effective with just the right style for their industry.

There are several standard layouts that you can use for catalog printing. Each kind of layout can be very useful for different kinds of prints from luxury catalogs to cheap catalog printing. There are five standard layouts that you may want to learn about. In this guide we will talk about those five in detail, and we will share with you the correct situations and when to use them in catalog printing.

The grid layout – The grid layout for catalogs is one of the easiest and most common that people use. In fact, most people who use cheap catalogs use this format as the best and most efficient layout. This is because you can maximize the catalog space when you divide it into several equally sized cells arranged in a grid. All your products in the catalog are equally spaced and exposed and people can easily see your whole catalog line in a simple glance. The only drawback here is that you will loose space for information and important details about each product the more products you have, since more space will have to be divided to these items. However if you need a simple and fast layout for your color catalogs, this layout is your best bet.

The column layout – The next kind of layout is the column layout. This involves having one column of space reserved for each product in the catalog. Column layouts are perfect, especially if your products need more than just a picture to be explained. For example, if you are making a catalog about computers and other gadgets, you may want to put in the product specifications in your catalog. This means displaying its various hardware and software features and the technical details of each product that people see as crucial to judging that product. The column layout gives enough space usually for most products to have a detailed description about its features.

The row layout – Now, the row layout is pretty similar to the column layout in catalog printing. The only difference here is that the row layout uses rows and not columns. Depending on your catalog dimensions, the row and column may be longer because of the actual height and width of the catalog. In most cases though the row is shorter. This means that for each product in a row, you will have less space to write on. However, this is offset usually since row layouts can let you advertise more kinds of products in one page than the column layout.

The magazine layout – Also we have the magazine layout. These are the layouts that are perfect for more picky and high end customers. The magazine layout for color catalogs mean that your products are shown in a more “used” situation where they are typically found. For example your catalog can have a nice photographed scene where all the models are wearing your products while still having fun at the game or at the mall. This gives the catalog a more personal appeal that can really attract people as they see the products used by actual people. In hindsight though this technique can sometimes be inefficient since some your products may not be emphasized right away while others can be seen with no trouble in the photograph.

The open layout – Lastly we have the open and free layout. This is basically a custom mix of the elements found above. You can have for example, a nice catalog magazine layout giving a nice dynamic scene while a couple of rows below some products are being advertised. It is all in the imagination really, and if you have the right idea, you may be able to have a nice, new and unique layout technique for the future. Use this layout if you want to look new or if you have a specific theme in mind for the catalogs.

Great! Those are the common layouts that you can choose from for catalog printing. Hopefully this has helped you figure out the correct layout that you should use for your own color catalogs. Good Luck!

For more information, you can visit this page on Booklet Printing and Catalog Printing

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Booklet Printing – A Great Business to Venture Into!

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Booklet Printing has been one of the leading businesses that entrepreneurs are interested investing into nowadays. Why is this so? This is basically because booklets are usually used as promotional handbook of any businesses, manuals, and/or travel guides. Great emphasis is highly given to the latter because these days a lot of people are into traveling. It is for this reason that venturing into such business is greatly feasible and able to cater to different clients for varying purposes. And so to learn more about booklet printing, simply read along.


And so what do one need to start a booklet printing business? The very first thing you have got to have in order to start a booklet printing business, aside from money of course as well as target clients and great attitude, is a software that can automatically present you with a booklet template. By possessing such, it would be easy to incorporate all that needs to be in place such as the designs and the contents of the booklet. And such software may be downloaded and/or bought. Nonetheless, it is important to note that Microsoft offers such feature already.


You also need to have a talent in designing and/or lay-outing so as to come up with designs that will look especially appealing to the public who will be buying or using the booklet. If it is not you then you need to come up with a team of staff to do it for you. Plus, another staff that will be able to carry out the making of the contents of the booklet and such contents should be brief yet it should be able to tell all the pertinent information that the booklet user needs. Lengthy words must be deliberately avoided as space in booklets is usually limited; rather, bullets are highly encouraged to be used.


Furthermore, pictures and details must be highlighted in the booklet, especially in the travel guides so that the user will be guided accordingly. The travel maps may also be made available in booklet form and so it is highly essential that these should be done with so much details and precision. And even with the manuals that are given out to consumers, it should be neat yet attractive all at the same time. This is basically why a team of great minds must be created to make any booklet printing business successful.


As for the printer, you should at least get hold of a printed that should be able to print great colors and of high quality. A simple one will do but there are those printers especially made for booklet printing wherein it allows one to print the back and the front sides altogether. Nonetheless, you need not be bothered if you only got hold of the simpler one because you can still head on with booklet printing by making use of some easy techniques.


All these fun facts and information on the booklet printing and it being a business should give you an idea on how to start one. This may be a small-scale business starting out with as little capital as you can imagine but you may also have it started big for as long as you already have a list of target market to cater to. In any way, such booklet printing business should be worth investing into today.

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Printing industry In 21st Century

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Today’s printing industry has evolved into a unique hybrid, combining hardware-based manufacturing operations with knowledge based information-processing applications.

This evolution is ongoing, and will eventually lead to an industry primarily geared toward what may be called”information communication”. the boundaries of the

traditiona printing industry are therefore expanding beyond the simple manipulation of information, to include the mediation and dissemination of information. Indeed,

a recent report in Japan dealing with domestic industry in the lead-up to the twenty-first century redefines the printing industry as involving what it

termed”information value creation”.

In the context, then, let us consider the future of the industry, the first issue I would like to dis cuss is the impact of information technology on printing.

Electronic newspapers,electronic advertisements, and E-mail are examples of the changes that information technology has brought to the printing industry, changes that

are widely expected to relatively reduce overall demand for traditional paper-based printing will remain undiminished. Due primarily to the printing industry’s diverse

customer base, it stands in an excellent position to offer a range of solutions, tailored to the needs of a wide variety of clients. Traditional paper-based printing

will remain a part of many such solutions. Therefore, I belive that the changes brought about by information technology are best viewed as opportunities that will

enable the printing industry to expand, as it capitalizes on new, emerging types of demand.

In the 21st Century, every client fo every commercial printer wants their job to be produced faster, cheaper and at a higher level of quality. these year the cheaper,

faster and higher quality will be demanded. Because of this intense pressure, the commercial printer will search for those suppliers that can provide the printer with

real value. That value will come from adopting and all-digital workflow. In order to meet the ongoing requirement of providing cheaper,faster and higher quality

printing,the commercial printer will have to no choice but to tum to an all-digital workflow incorporating comouter-go-plate technology and digital proofing.The

commercial printer who can deliver those benefits will grow and prosper.
For comments and inquiries about the article visit: printing company and catalog printing

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Printing catalog VS Digital print catalog

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Here is important to understand the value both printing and digital print catalogs for you to choose.

Printed materials still offer some advantages over digital materials. For one thing, when you present someone with a printed catalog or brochure, they are inclined to stop, hold it and look at it. More attention is given to that piece and they are more likely to spend time looking at it. It might even sit on their desk for a couple of days giving you a greater chance of getting your client to look at your catalog and following up with them. When going onto the internet, we already have the mindset to “scan” through everything. According to website marketing statistics, you have 6 seconds to explain to the viewer exactly what you do and why they should choose you. And unless they know that they want to go just to your website to view your catalog, and that they remember your website name, you may end up being part of a list of options between similar companies fighting for your client’s attention. Therefore, you have a better chance of truly grabbing the attention of your customer by giving them a printed catalogue or brochure.

However, there are probably lots of companies that offer the same service as you and probably also dropped off a printed catalog, but what will convince them to keep your catalog over theirs is the professional quality, effective layout and clear design value that shows with your catalog. Companies who care about their clients will show it in how they represent their product and service to their client and the client will value the effective design by keeping your catalog printing.

But that just covers one aspect of reaching your customer. So you have now reached them with visually appealing, informative information through your catalog and now they are ready to use your services. Most people nowadays will likely first go to your website to reaffirm their assessment of your company and then maybe place an order online or contact you at that time. To cover all your bases, you should have a comprehensive digital catalog that reflects your printed catalog. Your digital catalog should be just as informative if not more and should be designed specifically for easy navigation and shopping online.

Digital catalogs have an upside of having no printing costs and being friendlier to the environment. Updates can be made fairly easily and the functionality of your digital catalog can be very efficient and helpful to your client. It is very important to give your digital catalog due diligence in the design and function of it.

What will make you a valuable asset to your customer is showing them how you can meet their needs by offering access to a highly effective printed catalog and efficient and easy to use digital catalog, proving to your client that regardless of how their business functions, you are prepared to accommodate their needs now and in the future.

Bulk order, printing catalog is your best choose.

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